Gas regulator connectors

Purivox KLF Gasregler
The especially only made for the Purivox bird scarers gas regulator is delivered with one of the three following connector types.

The picture to the left shows the gas regulator with the KLF-Connector



Purivox Gasdruckregler KLF

Purivox Gasdruckregler KLF ZeichnungKLF-Connector (Order No. 101630)

A: W 21.8 x 1/14 Ih
B: Wing nut
C: 18.0 mm
D:  7.0 mm


Purivox Gasdruckregler POL

Purivox Gasdruckregler POL Zeichnung

POL-Connector (Order No. 101610)

A: 0.880-14 NGO Ih
B: 24.0 mm
C: 28.0 mm
D: 18.9 mm


Purivox Gasdruckregler SHELL

Purivox Gasdruckregler SHELL ZeichnungSHELL-Connector (Order No. 101620)

A: W 21.8 x 1/14 Ih
B: 30.0 mm
C: 18.0 mm
D: 12.2 mm


A: description thread
B: width across flats nexagon
C: length couling nut
D: diameter inner pin



Further the gas cylinder adapters are available for the use in differnet countries

Gas cylinder adapater 1AG KLF (G.12) x AG M10x1
Italy, Switzerland

Gas cylinder adapater 2AG KLF (G.12) x IG W20x1/14 LH (G.1)
Greek, Italy, Austria

Gas cylinder adapater 3Ag KLF (G12) x AG M14x1,5 (G.32)
UK, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden

Gas cylinder adapater 4AG KLF (G.12) x IG W21,8x1/14 LH (G.2, G.8)
Belgium, UK, France, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Luxenburg,
Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherland, Switzerland,
Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech

Didn't found a gas regulator that fit to you gas cylinder. It is also possible to order special made gas regaltors with the following threads and connctors. Please have a look here and get in contact with us for more details.
Special gas cylinder connectors

Illustration credits: GOK Regler- und Armaturen-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG