• Specially designed for vineyard and orchard use.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Improves chemical efficiency
  • Protects plants from bark damage and spray drift.

Conventional spraying methods just can't compete with the Enviromist advantages of proven product effectiveness and considerable cost savings.

Look at the benefits a Spraydome has to offer:-

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Minimal spray drift, even on windy days.
  • Low volume, less weight means less soil compaction and fuel savings.
  • A shrouded CDA spray head allows for more efficient use of chemicals.
  • Less down time through filling, calibrating and travelling saves wages.
  • Universal fittings for all 4 wheel ATV's and most tractors.

Spraydome uses less - delivers more!

Conventional sprayers can use up to 400 litres per sprayed hectare - the Spraydomes use as little as 15, dramatically reducing the need to carry large amounts of spray mix.

Enviromist's advanced technology increases accuracy of spray delivery, achieves optimum coverage with lower mixture volumes, and virtually eliminates drift loss. Every drop counts! - increasing effectiveness and the time between re-spraying.

Advanced CDA technology makes every drop count

The Undavina features controlled droplet application (CDA) that uses a spinning disc, rotary atomiser to produce optimum sized, evenly distributed spray droplets.


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