Purivox gas cannons FAQ

Purivox Knallschreckgeräte FAQ

Problem with your Purivox gas cannon? Have a look here or check the manual.

Are the batteries for the gas cannon included?

If you order one of our Purivox gas cannons for bird control, you will get a pair of new batteries (4R25/6V) with it

How long last the two batteries?

Under normal conditions, this means a work time (unit is turned on by the timer and shots) of 12hours and a break time of 8-16minutes, the batteries last around 2 months

How is the Purivox gas cannon connected to the gas cylinder and what typ of gas should I use?

The gas cylinder is connected with the Purivox gas regulator. This gives the right pressure to the electronic unit. There are 3 different types of Purivox gas regulator connectors. The gas cannons are working with standard propane gas

Is the propane gas cylinder included with the gas cannon?

No the gas cylinder has to be organized by yourself. This should not be a problem, we use standard gas cylinder (11kg) which are available in every hardware store. The 11kg gas cylinder will last for around 20,000 shots
gas cylinder

Are the birds and wild animals not getting used to the shots and the unit?

No the habituation is very unlikely. The reason for that is the electronic unit, which can be programmed how you need the unit to work.

Following settings can be changed at the electronic unit
  • Sound Volume (in 2 steps)
  • Break interval (4 different setting)
  • Number of shots (1/2/3 or 4 shots)

All the shots will be fired in a random mode. If you need help with setting up your unit, feel free to get in contact with us

The unit doesn't shot!

Check following points:
!! Close the gas cylinder first during every work at the unit !!
- Is the gas cylinder not empty?
- Is the propane jet connected to the blast tube and the gas hose connected to it?
- Are the batteries full? (If you have a electric meter, check the batteries. The battery power should not fall under 9,5 Volt. Normal power is 12Volt). If the batteries are to flat, you will hear after you switched on the unit 5 times a beep from the electronic unit.
- Is the timer programmed correct? So that the working-time is set correct?
- Is the ON/OFF switch on the electronic unit turned ON?
- Can you hear the spark from the ignition? Hearable at the end of the blast tube

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