BirdGard FAQ


Do the birds become accustomed to BirdGard?

Unlike harassment tactics such as propane cannons, pyrotechnic devices and visual deterrents that attempt to annoy birds into leaving, Bird Gard products harness the bird's natural fears and survival instincts to repel them. A microprocessor randomly emits distress sounds in a completely unpredictable pattern and at random time intervals and random frequency levels. Sounds are cycled through randomly selected speakers (where applicable) to give the impression of multiple birds being under attack throughout the protected area. This keeps birds highly agitated and prevents them from acclimating to the sounds.

What bird species are repelled by BirdGard products?

We have a growing library of more than 100 recorded bird distress sounds. Once the nuisance birds are identified we will recommend the best sound card for your specific problem birds. Depending on your needs, your sound card may include distress calls, predator sounds and electronic harassment sounds. 

What if I do not know the species of bird that is causing problems?

Because Bird Gard utilizes each bird's intra-species communications to drive them away, it is imperative that your nuisance birds are correctly identified. There are a number of websites and resources available to properly identify bird species. One of the best we have found is maintained by the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. If have any questions after visiting their site, please get in contact with us.

Are the BirdGard sounds audible?

Yes. Bird Gard products incorporate actual bird distress cries that are digitally recorded on a microchip. To us, the distress cries sound like birds chirping; to the birds, it sounds like an attack of epic proportions. Most people get used to the sounds relatively quickly. Each product is equipped with a volume control so the sound can be adjusted for maximum effectiveness and a minimum of annoyance to humans.

How long unit I see results from BirdGard?

The length of time may vary, but typically the birds will leave the area within a few days. In most cases, you will see results very quickly. Fruit growers will need to have the unit in operation two weeks before their crop begins to change color for maximum effectiveness.

Will the sounds effect domestic animals or livestock?

Animals are not harmed by the Bird Gard sounds. Domestic animals and livestock quickly get use to the sounds and are not negatively impacted.

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